Providing reliable and high quality information

The sheer quantity of information available today makes it challenging to source reliable data. This series of factsheets aims to provide information of high quality suitable for people of diverse needs, from school students and those keen on the outdoors, to biodiversity managers and professional entomologists.

Written by experts and illustrated with quality photographs, these factsheets also may incorporate information from databases – many of which are constantly being updated.

Once written, these computer-generated factsheets have the benefit of being easy to update without major printing costs. In addition, links to these factsheets can be created from other Internet sites.

Factsheets: Interesting Insects and other Invertebrates

The first factsheets in the series focus on invertebrates that live on native insects or plants, but the series will include all kinds of invertebrates. Each factsheet usually covers a single species, providing information on its biostatus, distribution, biology, recognition and, if appropriate, control options. Sources of additional information may also be given.

Origins of Factsheet Series

The development of these factsheets was made possible by funding from the TFBIS (Terrestrial and Freshwater Biodiversity Information Systems) Fund, administered by the Department of Conservation. Landcare Research developed the software to create, store and generate the factsheets and Nicholas Martin of Plant & Food Research, in conjunction with Landcare Research, developed the content specifications. Feedback from people representing end-user groups was an important part of the process, and we thank them for their valuable input.

Copyright in data

The information in the factsheets ‘Interesting Insects and other Invertebrates’, but not the images, in this website are made available under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 New Zealand License (CC BY 3.0).

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